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The Day My Son Fell from the Sky

This family memoir recounts my son’s powered parachute crash from an altitude above 500 feet. Miraculously he survived, and this book tells his story along with his previous flight history and the difficult recovery after the crash. The book is not only the narrative of his accident, but it also takes a hard look at trauma and how to mentally process when there are no reasonable explanations for what has happened. Every family has experienced some sort of trauma. Bad things happen to good people. We all need to find a glimpse of hope in the midst of horrific incidents.

The Miracles of Jesus

My prayer for you as you read this book is that you'll meet Jesus and grow deeper in your love for Him. Read of His supernatural acts of love and power as He drew all sorts of people to Himself and revealed His divine nature.

Twisted: Mindful Pretzel Consumption

As the great-great granddaughter of the founder of America’s first pretzel bakery, the Julius Sturgis Pretzel House in Lititz, Pennsylvania, and the daughter of Tom Sturgis (of Tom Sturgis Pretzels in Reading, PA - my hometown), I have a lot to say about the history of pretzel making. Central Pennsylvania is the birth bed of our modern pretzel business, and this book tells it all. The origin of the pretzel, the evolution of pretzel baking, the traditions, legends, and recipes—there’s something fun in this book for everyone.