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The Day My Son Fell from the Sky

The Day My Son Fell from the Sky

This family memoir recounts my son’s powered parachute crash from an altitude above 500 feet. Miraculously he survived, and this book tells his story along with his previous flight history and the difficult recovery after the crash. The book is not only the narrative of his accident, but it also takes a hard look at trauma and how to mentally process when there are no reasonable explanations for what has happened. Every family has experienced some sort of trauma. Bad things happen to good people. We all need to find a glimpse of hope in the midst of horrific incidents.

Nearly every family experiences a trauma or trial of some sort—a catastrophic accident, an unexpected health diagnosis, a suicide, a failed marriage, a shattered career, or others. Often these traumas come out of the blue, like a bullet to the back of the head. We try to manage the best we can, but struggle moment to moment.

In The Day My Son Fell From the Sky, Jill Marie Thomas candidly recounts the details of her own family’s latest trauma—their son’s horrific aircraft crash and the difficult aftermath. Only by hanging on tightly to their faith, sometimes by a mere thread, were they able to navigate through those days surrounding the accident.

As the author bares her heart and openly shares, the reader will find that even in the darkest of days, there is hope. Though those heavy shadows may not lift today or any day soon, you, too, can find that peace that defies logic.


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