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The "After"

The "After"

As an author, I've just finished the process of writing two books, and they've both been published. Yes, my buttons are busting, and I'd love for you to read the two books. It feels great to finally be on the "after" side of two big projects.

Home Away HavenLet me catch you up on these writing projects. I found inspiration to begin writing the Redemption Rental series after staying in numerous unique vacation rental homes over the years while traveling. VRBO, AirBnb, Homeaway - you've heard of them and may have stayed in one yourself. Volume One of the Redemption Rentals series, "Home Away Haven," reveals a man running from his addiction, a felony, and his beloved family. While the angels and local church folk attempt to assist him toward redemption, other darker forces only intend for his demise. Will he find the help he needs? I hope you'll enjoy this tale and its lovable places and characters. While you do, I'll be hard working on the second in the series, "Tiny Holiday."

DissectologyThe second of my two projects came about because of the 2020 Covid virus quarantine. One day I shopped online, hoping to purchase several jigsaw puzzles. With more evenings spent at home, the hubby and I found ourselves enjoying an occasional few hours here and there assembling the puzzles we had on hand. To my surprise, most puzzle warehouses showed "Out of Stock" stamped over most of their puzzle offerings. One thing led to another, and I tore into some serious research about this puzzle thing. The result, "Dissectology: Life Lessons from Jigsaw Puzzles," is the second book I published most recently. Filled with all sorts of puzzle trivia and stories of avid puzzlers, I think you and your family will enjoy this book. Perhaps you'll find the inspiration to start your own puzzle.

So yes, I'm in the "After" of my season of projects. What will I fill my time with now? I think a wise practice is to pattern my life after the life of Jesus, and that's what I will attempt to do. When Jesus began his public ministry, he didn't spend his time dawdling around. He moved with a strong sense of urgency. We know this from reading the gospels of the New Testament. In the book of Mark alone, the words "straight away" or "immediately" appear more than forty times. Though I am naturally wired to want to relax and to control my schedule, when I decided many years ago to follow Jesus, I surrendered my need to be in control. Oh sure, sometimes I try to take it back, but life becomes much more satisfying, rewarding, and even fun when we stay in the center of His will and live by Christ's words. Those are the ones in red in many Bibles.

Thankfully, I'm sure He has a brand new project for me. And while I'm in this new "Before" phase, while I'm waiting to learn my assignments for the days ahead, one thing I know for sure. I won't be waiting or working alone.

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