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This morning started rough, and I'm feeling fragile.

In the shower, I got shampoo in my right eye. Hours later it's still irritated and burny.

I tripped getting out of the shower. Thankfully nobody saw my ridiculous flail,and I didn't knock my teeth out on the sink edge.

I have a bug bite on the back of my left elbow. The constant itching is driving me wild. 

I blew my nose too hard and then had a nosebleed.

My neuropathy is flairing, and I'm tired of this constant, internal bonfire.

Physically, I'm fragile - just like a little lamb in a field full of wolves.

The other night I had a nightmare. Memories of it still linger today.

I've felt a measure of failure, for no good reason.

I sense some of my lifelong dreams slipping away. I'm unable to figure out how to make my dreams reality.

Sometimes, I reach out to people, getting very little response. It hurts.

Emotionally, I'm fragile - just like a little lamb encircled by the wolves.

I write and look for readers. Where are they all?

I have a message. How to share it baffles me.

I yearn to follow my calling. Am I on the right path?

I work to tell what I know. Does anyone hear?

Professionally, I'm fragile - a little lamb stalked by wolves.

I'm fragile - fragile as a tiny lamb among the wolves.

What to do?

All I know is the way for a lamb to survive in a valley ruled by wolves is to stay close to a good shepherd. 

I know a good shepherd.

His name is Jesus.

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